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  1. Gerald Barbur

    First blacked out Kia Telluride with matte paint?

    Now do your exhaust tip.To complete the look.
  2. Gerald Barbur

    Black out grill?

    FYI...... You know you can take the whole front fasica off to do this work. I'm just saying.....
  3. Gerald Barbur

    Blacked Out Exhaust

    Nice! I will follow suit and do my 2021 EX Nightfall & Moss Telluride.
  4. Gerald Barbur

    Bumper - Silver Paint on 2021 model

    Just find a good quality Gross Black and use that.
  5. Gerald Barbur

    How to: High Mounted Stop Lamp (3rd brake light) LED Flash Module Install

    Good write up. I had installed similar item (F1 light) on my 2017 WRX. Loved it.
  6. Gerald Barbur

    Telluride Bulb Chart for lower trims

    If you own a EX or SX model disregard this stream.
  7. Gerald Barbur

    Kia Telluride Vehicle Maintenance Milestones

    I'm sure when they pull your engine to find the Point-of-Failure they will be checking the valves at that time.
  8. Gerald Barbur

    Any company developing intakes for the Telluride?

    I have a question for K&N regarding using and fitting a Telluride for a after market Air Intake system. Will they be re-flashing the ECM? If so will that Void the warranty on the Kia? I just sold my 2017 Subaru WRX that I installed a COBB Cold Air Intake System that required the re-flash of my...
  9. Gerald Barbur

    Remote start 2021 fob

    It is an App for your phone to do special features. Check it out at your Dealership.
  10. Gerald Barbur

    Remote start 2021 fob

    If you have "My Telluride", why not use that to remote start your Telluride?