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    Telluride SX Butterscotch Leather Seats

    No prestige with butterscotch. SX with butterscotch, but not the prestige. Dune with the prestige. Its amazing. We have the silver and dune
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    Telluride Ordered not the one being delivered after 12 month wait

    That sucks. You can try and find another like you want, but depending on what you are playing, may not be worth it. You can always see if they would take something off and then get the trim wrapped or do it yourself. The tow option is not one I wanted or have, but throughout the forums people...
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    If they do not Fowler does. I did the exact thing youre asking about in April. Smooth and easy. If you do not get a response, I would highly recommend them and Javier Holquin.
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    Ambient Lighting not working

    Its electrical and under warranty, I would take it to the dealer.
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    New Telluride A Few Problems

    The rims are the same size so the ride shouldnt have changed significantly at all. Maybe the balance is off? The wind noise I have read about other people having the issue, but do not remeber the fix.
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    Can I swap my S headlights with the SX that have the Amber DRL's?

    From a member on another forum. He built and tried the relay/harness and then built a limited batch and sold them. I do not think he builds them any more, but there is another member working on a similar harness currently
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    Can I swap my S headlights with the SX that have the Amber DRL's?

    Like the post below stated, from a memeber on another forum. As far as i know he no longer makes them, but did share his wiring harness set up with another member who is working on making a stable set with no hyperflash. I just sold my set once my 22 SX-P arrived to another member. The lights...
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    Headlight too bright to on coming

    There has been a lot of this reported. There is a really helpful youtube adjustment video for it if you are capable, or just take it to your local dealer and have them look at/adjust them. And the if you are capable was not meant in an ugly way, just some owners would rather not mess with it or...
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    New guy on the block

    If you are debating, go with what you really want You will get it and regret not getting the one you wanted. I did and battled with settling for almost 3 years. Finally did what I should have originally and ordered exactly what I wanted and my car sould now rests in peace everytime I am in it...
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    Just Ordered...Now We Wait

    Correct. The VIN is created when the vehicle hits paint and then pops up on Failcat.
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    Does the Telluride require engine break-in?

    Just dont use cruise control for long periods of time. I am in the same boat. I am driving out to Colorado next week to trade my 20 S for a 22SX. So I have about 1500 miles to get it broke in. Guess I will just fluctuate speed with the foot on the pedal rather than set a desired speed
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    All weather mats

    I have Tuxmat as well. I actually just ordered a second set as I am leaving the originals on the 20 S I am trading in next week. At looks as though the new design is a little better than the original set we ordered a few years ago. But agree with the previous post, they clean up easy and have...
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    Just Ordered...Now We Wait

    What did you order? Mine is due there about the same time. I may see you there
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    Telluride SX wait time

    That seems like a crazy long time, regardless of the allowances. We got lucky, we have a 2020 S, just put an order in for a SX-P on February and will be picking it up in April. I know its a lucky situation and circumstances for us and i cant imagine waiting that long. At this point, put a...
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    Just Ordered...Now We Wait

    Not sure if this opinion is still relevant, but, the black chrome will be shinier than the grill, the matte will blend in more. I used Piano black hyper dip to so the blackout and its has a semi gloss look to it. The chrome will stand out a little more, but both will look nice.
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    Telluride order didn't come with specs/ upgrades I ordered

    Check the forums online. Weather Tech has a nicer set of mud guards on their site that are super easy to install. As long as you didnt pay for any of it, just find it elsewhere. The illuminated plates may be harder to find, but I wouldnt give the dealer anything seeing it be they want to charge...
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    Coolant Loss

    When we first got ours in 2020, I had this issue for the first 6 months or so. Seemed to lose down below the Minimum/ cold line about an inch or so. I kept an eye on it and refilled and have never had an issue since. We have taken some long trips and just hit 20k miles
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    Black Color

    The ebony black is a straight black. The black copper has an incredible copper sheen to it in the right light. Lock up pics on the forums, but they are noticeably different.
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    Can I swap my S headlights with the SX that have the Amber DRL's?

    Ebay for the headlights. Around $600 for the set, then another member on another Telluride thread builds the plug and play wiring harness for $350.