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    Kia Telluride accessories

    Kia is gone, so save money and buy my stuff!
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    Use Waze with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. It’s better in every way and it’s free.
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    Kia Telluride accessories

    Hi all, Trading my 2022 Telluride and have some accessories I’ll be selling. I wanted to give a heads up here as many don’t check the classified section. - OEM Kia factory fog lamp kit, includes lower trim grill piece. New in box! $300 - OEM Kia Homelink mirror $200 (in box!) - Canvasback...
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    PNW - Telluride accessories for sale

    Hey Northwest group! Trading my 2022 Telluride and have some accessories I’ll be selling. I wanted to give a heads up here as many don’t check the classified section. - OEM Kia factory fog lamp kit, includes lower trim grill piece. New in box! - OEM Kia Homelink mirror - Canvasback cargo...
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    Our order was canceled by KIA.

    That’s a terrible way to do business. It makes me want to sell mine.
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    Wireless Carplay upgrade?

    It’s not just Kia. Keep in mind that vehicles are designed long before production begins, so trends like wireless CarPlay may not have been driving factors at that time. Then consider how well these things are selling, so Kia may see no urgency in redesigning the infotainment system to offer...
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    Electrical Issues

    Keep in mind that of the thousands and thousands of vehicles made, some may get a battery that has issues. It happens. I’m sure Kia will resolve the issue. Nothing is perfect.
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    Front Hood Letters

    Yes, they’re just held on by adhesive, and there are no holes behind them. If you have a heat gun, warm them up, and then take some fishing line and kind of saw the adhesive off. I like to use 3M adhesive remover to remove the residue. When you’re done, put a good wax on it. I removed my...
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    Any way to completely disable ISG?

    It works great, easy install, and with every recent vehicle that has stop-start its the best - and first - investment I make. The “feature” is one I can’t stand. I prefer this plug & play solution to messing with wiring.
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    Aftermarket suspension

    As popular as the Telluride / Palisade have been, I expect Bilstein to have shocks at some point.
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    Wireless Carplay upgrade?

    As I understand it, wireless CarPlay uses a wifi connection to the vehicle. The CarPlay2Air dongle I was using required that you keep both Bluetooth and wifi turned on in the device. You pair the device to the dingle via Bluetooth, then it hands off to the wifi in the dongle to route the signal...
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    Wireless Apple CarPlay questions

    Only about 30 min in the car. I can’t say the heat was due the dongle. Was driving and using Waze, played music via Apple Music. Locked up. I disconnected, started over. Tried multiple times, but the dongle didn’t seem to like multitasking.
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    Wireless Apple CarPlay questions

    Well, it seemed too good to be true…. ….and it was. Today the dash screen got hot and the wireless had significant lag. I think I’m done with the wireless and will keep plugging in.
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    Wireless Apple CarPlay questions

    Day two. I did the update from Kia on my Navigation-Infotainment system. I no longer have the “radio tubes” on radio display. Update went well. CarPlay2Air wireless adapter is still working great. I didn’t believe this was possible, but very happy to have a viable solution.
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    Wireless Apple CarPlay questions

    The CarPlay2Air device and most of its type have an ip address where you can check for updates. About 6-8 months ago, the CarPlay2Air ip lands on a nice configuration page with a “check for updates” button. These dongles don’t have any interaction with the stock infotainment unit, except to...
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    Wireless Apple CarPlay questions

    Update: I still have my CarPlay2Air device and I get the urge to plug it in and give it “one more chance” about once or twice a month. I’m always sorely disappointed, as the connection takes to long and is always buggy. Issues are usually obvious within a couple hours of use. Until today...
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    Factory stopped!

    That’s unfortunate. I’d likely order the X-Pro if I was buying a 2023, because I live in the mountains and the added bits may be nice. That said, the regular Telluride with Nightfall package provides what most people need and offers that Range Rover look I love.
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    2022 Totaled in Not at Fault Accident

    Same as any other vehicle, but depends on your policy and insurance provider. Even though you weren’t at fault, your Agent should engage to be your representative and make sure it works out for you.
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    Waiting for a new Kia Telluride? Let's keep each other company while we wait.

    For those of you waiting…..it’s a fantastic vehicle. Unfortunately for me, I have 4Runner fever and I don’t think it’ll end well…. Anyway, here’s some eye candy.
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    Aftermarket fog lites to Telluride S

    There is an OEM kit and an aftermarket, listed on eBay. With either you’ll need the lower grille piece, sold separately. It can be done and I will be doing mine before winter. OEM: