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    Aftermarket suspension

    I did reach out to Bilstein and their reply was "We can't share information on product development - please check back on the site from time to time." I replied that I can go to their Poway CA location for test fittings if that will help move stuff forward. They forwarded my reply to product...
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    Any company developing intakes for the Telluride?

    Sorry to revive an old thread but question is relevant to the K&N Intake system... Recently checked the site and the instructions online have this disclaimer: I see earlier in the thread that someone from Rancho Cucamonga CA volunteered his vehicle for the test fit. Can anyone else from CA...
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    Aftermarket suspension

    Description says these are for lowering? Need something that works with a lift...
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    Has any one put bigger tires on the Telluride?

    Do you have a lift kit on that, and what's the offset on those Black Rhino's? Any rubbing with the 265/65/18?
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    Aftermarket suspension

    Eibach said it might be another 3 to 6 months before they officially release either kit. I got 17" KMC Canyon rims and 275/50/17 BFG KO's on order. Looking forward to getting those installed. Now checking around for aftermarket shocks...
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    Aftermarket suspension

    this is what the lowered looked like - didn't seem like much... here's a photo of the lift:
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    Aftermarket suspension

    Eibach is developing springs for lifting (Pro Lift Kit) and lowering (Pro Kit). They did test fits on my 2020 LX, and I got to keep the front and rear lifts.