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  1. Krug

    Another New Guy

    Welcome to the forums
  2. Krug

    Greetings from Williamsburg VA

    Congrats on the order!
  3. Krug

    What was your reaction the first time behind the wheel of a Telluride?

    Mine was I hope the dealer doesn't try to price gouge me. lol
  4. Krug

    Butterscotch pics

    Great color combo!
  5. Krug

    Which is faster Kia telluride or Subaru outback 2.4 turbo

    You're comparing an Apple to an Orange. The Telluride competes with the Subaru Ascent which does 0-60 in about 7.3 seconds, nearly identical to the Telluride.
  6. Krug

    Greetings From North Florida

  7. Krug

    Long Term reviews

    Great reviews.
  8. Krug

    New Telluride owner from NY

  9. Krug

    Anyone know if the Telluride qualifies for Section 179 tax deduction?

    I've mainly use the Telluride for business use, does anyone know if the Telluride qualifies for Section 179 tax deduction? Seems the Telluride is similar in weight to these vehicles that do qualify. https://crabtreecpa.com/938.php /...
  10. Krug

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  11. Krug

    New SX owner

    Welcome and congrats!
  12. Krug

    utmeep's build

    Damn it took me a bit to see what changed and @jazzyone beat me to the post
  13. Krug

    Tesla Cybertruck

    From what I've read production on certain configurations won't even start until 2022.
  14. Krug

    Had a Gravity SX but a white came

    White is gender neutral lol
  15. Krug

    sunroof glass

    I would suggest jumping on ebay and seeing who's selling used Telluride parts and ask if they have the glass.
  16. Krug

    Android Auto Widescreen Update?

    Mine was updated back in August and it has not gone to full wide-screen, which is really a bummer.
  17. Krug

    Thule Cross Bar Installed

    Hey @jazzyone looking great. Any wind noise issues at high speeds?
  18. Krug

    Telluride Order & Future Trade In Value of My Denali

    I completely understand what you're saying and totally on your side. If it was my guess, I'd say perhaps vehicles depreciate at a higher rate. Even when we were pricing out tankless water heaters, our estimate was only good for 30 days because they can't guaranty the cost for any longer than that.