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    Updating Maps: Has Kia Even Seen a Computer?

    Updated the maps in my 22 Telluride yesterday. What a pain. To begin with, kia.com wouldn't accept my VIN. I checked it with my insurance card, with the car, everything. I was typing it right. Maybe the 0's were O's or vice-versa, so I tried all combinations. No love. Turns out ... get this ...
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    Need hand with iPhone and the Infotainment system ...

    Brilliant. I will give these things a go.
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    Need hand with iPhone and the Infotainment system ...

    I have two ... not issues, curiosities ... that I need help with on the Kia. Understand that my phone is paired with the my 2022 Telluride's infortainment system. 1) I like to use Waze but not through Car Play. I listen to the radio on the infotainment system. I turn on Waze and place the...
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    Steering Wheel and Infotainment Buttons Not Working

    Haven't had the problem since. Good to know about that reset button.
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    FCA malfunctioning

    Also, as a note, the times it has failed, a lot over the past two weeks, I made sure there was no snow build up on the sensor. I'll get it looked at and report any findings. :)
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    FCA malfunctioning

    It defeats the automatic braking system, too, which is a safety hazard. And, yes, when it was failing and not snowing, and I was driving on the highway for 4 hours on dry roads, I did miss the cruise control. ;)
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    FCA malfunctioning

    This is a PIA. On a 5-hour drive up North, this hardware failed 90 minutes in. It has been failing a lot since, including when it's not actually snowing or not snowing much.
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    Pedal commander

    Sport seems to downshift sooner than eco if you get on the gas. Not sure what the smart option does.
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    For Sale. 2022 Telluride Nightfall Edition Rims & Tires.

    Whachu replace them with? Pics?
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    Kia Telluride Vehicle Maintenance Milestones

    Cumberland Farms is not top-tier fuel? (We pretty much use Mobil 87 anyway.)
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    Kia Telluride Issues

    My 2022 Telluride has been dry in heavy rain, in snow, and in the car wash. Fingers crossed.
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    Kia Telluride Issues

    Occasionally, the auto high beam doesn't dim. I can't figure out what triggers this failure.
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    Steering Wheel and Infotainment Buttons Not Working

    Had a weird thing last night on my 22 Telluride: the left-side steering wheel buttons and the row of hard buttons under the touchscreen stopped working. I restarted the car and still they didn't work. Was thinking a blown fuse? Started the car this morning and they all worked fine. Not thinking...
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    Auto High Beams Sometimes Don't Work

    Sometimes, the auto high beams in my 22 SX-P don't work when they very clearly should. I cannot identify anything specific to the failure. Most of the time they are okay, but it is not rare for them to fail to dim. Anyone else having an issue like this?
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    Automatic wipers on 2021 SX - anyone have a complaint?

    Following. Mostly, the automatic part works. A few times, it has taken them a little while.
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    Do Brake Lights Illuminate When the Telluride Itself Brakes?

    Do the brake lighs illuminate when the Telluride itself brakes (no brake pedal use by the driver), such as when slowing down on cruise control because of a car ahead or automatic panic braking because someone cuts you off?
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    Pedal commander

    Turn the drive mode to Sport and you will be fine. No pedal commander needed.
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    Got my new SX-P Nightfall :)

    The mats came with (extra) when purchased. I have the brown Napa leather interior. (It might be called "dune," unsure.) Loving the car. What would I change? Nothing so far. Might want to paint the brake calipers yellow? Thoughts? (Kinda defeats the whole Nightfall thing, I know.) Oh, I had a...
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    Getting an Xpel paint-protective film (PPF) today. In the meantime, here's the mileage I am seeing for the first two tanks. Using Eco mode for now, but am not sure Smart mode would be different. Will test.
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    2022 Kia telluride vs 2021 Kia telluride

    I am disappointed the Nightfall trim doesn't get Nightfall Kia badges. :( Nightfall badges were paid for, after all. That said, I like the new Nine Inch Nails logo better than the previous boring Kia logo.