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  1. J

    How to turn on/off interior lighting

    This is the direction card for the accessory interior light kit (cupholders/front footwells) that your car has: It should have been included with your car since you have it.
  2. J

    2023 SX X-line

    Every AWD EX and SX Telluride has a heated steering wheel. The only way to get an X-Line is with AWD… so an SX X-Line will have a heated wheel.
  3. J

    Crash Detection

    Sure does. Search your infotainment manual for “911 connect.” You turn it on in the Kia Connect settings in the infotainment. When it is enabled, a little red star will show at the top right of the infotainment screen.
  4. J

    System ofg

    You probably have up the display in your instrument cluster that shows your lane safety information. And then you also probably have the LKA system off (that’s the button on the dash to the left of the steering wheel that looks like a glyph of a road). So that’s why it’s telling you the system...
  5. J

    Anyone have the interior light kit- multicolored?

    Anywhere fine Kia accessories are sold.
  6. J

    MapNsoft Updated (August 25, 2020) Causes Re-Order of Radio Presets Feature to be Removed (resolution in the works)

    The exact page you linked walks you through what to do to open the program since it isn’t signed to macOS’ liking.
  7. J

    MapNsoft Updated (August 25, 2020) Causes Re-Order of Radio Presets Feature to be Removed (resolution in the works)

    Every version of the infotainment system for the last several years has not allowed for reorderability of radio presets. The April 2022 navigation system update, however, has reintroduced the ability to reorder presets and gives you the ability to save 40 of them (instead of 24). It also...
  8. J

    Auto wiper

    You somehow missed my answer as to why it would do what you said. 😉
  9. J

    Need hand with iPhone and the Infotainment system ...

    1. If your phone is connected via Bluetooth, it won’t make any sound from the device itself, because it is transmitting to the Bluetooth destination. This could be a problem for the way you use your phone (listening to the radio and not Bluetooth audio). Looks like you could fix this in Waze...
  10. J

    Steering Wheel and Infotainment Buttons Not Working

    Usually just hitting the infotainment reset button with a pen tip or paperclip should be all you need to do.
  11. J

    2020 Kia Telluride update

    “Extend rear camera use” has always been an option on non-SX models. You can change that setting to your liking. When you do the first update that adds driver profiles, it inexplicably puts your old settings in the guest profile. You can transfer over the saved navigation destinations with a...
  12. J

    2020 Kia Telluride update

    My rule is to never believe a salesperson, and definitely to take any info from a dealer with a grain of salt (especially for tech things). You have to be armed with as much information as you can. When did you perform the update? If you download the update today, you would be getting the most...
  13. J

    2020 Kia Telluride update

    Type 1 is the old look. Type 2 was first introduced with the November 2020 update. It has been shuffled slightly since then, but is still functionally the same.
  14. J

    2020 Kia Telluride update

    You cannot revert. You are stuck with what you have until they change it (that is, if they change it). To be fair, this UI was first released in November 2020. So you did have lots of time to research this and know what you were getting into.
  15. J

    Update Kia Telluride Infotainment System / Navigation System.

    It didn’t remove sounds of nature… that’s still there. Just might be harder to find since it doesn’t have its own icon on the home screen anymore.
  16. J

    2022 Switching from Metric to Imperial after update

    Many people south of the border had the opposite problem. You can change back to km here: Setup > Nav > Guidance > Detailed Guidance > Units
  17. J

    '22 Telluride running lights & signals

    It depends on the model. If you get a Telluride with the factory LED headlights (EX Premium or SX), the DRLs are amber. So when you put on your turn signal, the DRL on that side will just start flashing until you turn off the signal, at which point it will go back to doing its job as a DRL...
  18. J

    Wireless Android Auto update

    Not sure what you’re trying to do here. You can’t magically make the Telluride support wireless Android Auto by pushing some buttons on your phone. Plus, every phone running at least Android 11 (and many before it) has wireless Android Auto support out of the box, no fancy settings required.
  19. J

    Wireless Android Auto update

    Yep, this would work great in any Telluride. I have already seen several people who have gotten theirs. It’s really practically not any different than AAWireless other than offering better availability (i.e., not crowdfunded). I have personally used AAWireless for Android Auto and CPlay2Air for...
  20. J

    Wireless Android Auto update

    Your guess is as good as mine. I’m not too hopeful, especially considering they just introduced their new electric cars (Kia EV6/Hyundai Ioniq 5) without adding it on the larger units with navigation. Seems like that would have been a great time to do it.