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    Towing package with hitch

    Unbelievable and dealers have no clue….. I need a tow package
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    Towing package with hitch

    What is the Magnuson Moss Act? According to the Act, an automobile manufacturer cannot void your vehicle warranty due to the installation of aftermarket parts. Unless the aftermarket part that caused the vehicle failure or contributed to it
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    Towing package with hitch

    They want to sell me one with no guarantee that I could tow my boat and wave runners
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    2023 Towing update

    every other suv manufacture has a tow hitch..,, I don’t understand the delay
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    2023 Towing update

    Any idea when I can order a new Telluride with a tow package. Hitch and wiring harness from the factory…….
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    Towing package with hitch

    Any news on when I can get a 23 Telluride with the tow package?
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    When can I order a Telluride with a Tow Hitch and wiring??? What’s the hold up.
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    2023 Telluride production

    I want a 23 Telluride but need it for towing….. can’t get one with towing no eta. Dealer doesn’t know anything or playing dumb… they just want me to buy a car