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    Ambient Light for $9.45?

    Thank you for this! My car is supposedly coming at end of October, and is not coming with the lighting options I ordered. This may be the fix for the interior lighting option, now how do I get the scuff plate lights?
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    Telluride Ordered not the one being delivered after 12 month wait

    This is my understanding of their process: that some dealers get a bunch of orders, some less, and Kia doles out cars somewhat based on this. My local dealer was getting about 4 cars a month as I counted the VIN’s listed on the faircat.com website. I looked up several other dealers by their...
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    Telluride Ordered not the one being delivered after 12 month wait

    I ordered in Aug ‘21, order was picked up Oct ‘21, and was just told my car was coming Oct 21, 2022! I looked up the VIN they gave me and it does not have several of the options I wanted, like interior lighting and scuff plate lights. I ordered at a local dealer that only gets 4 or so cars a...
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    What is the best accessory you got for your Telluride?

    If I HAD a Telluride (order accepted in Oct 22) I would say a heated steering wheel, as my old (2008) minivan doesn’t have that and it is cold in northern NV in the winter. I moved from New Orleans and found I need AWD too! I hope to get a 2023 now as it seems they have stopped making 2022’s.
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    Factory stopped!

    No new VINS posted today…, and only a few added to failcat.com in last couple of days…… is it time to switch over to 23’s??? Or is this slow down a reaction to the recall?? Last VIN entered to failcat.com site was on 9/02. It is Tuesday after Labor Day and still no new VINs added. I am...
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    What features are missing on your Telluride that you wish Kia would add to future models?

    I wish there were more cubbies & larger storage. My minivan has storage in armrests, two levels in console, door bottle holders that fit a larger refillable bottle not just flimsy store water bottles. Bottle holders in 4 doors and 4 in console. Eyeglass storage. I also wish it had more lean...
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    Telluride on order, seems so long

    I ordered mine last August….. order was picked up end of October…. No vin yet and I doubt I will get a 2022, I found out through this forum and the failcat.com website how to check on dealers and vins, and found out the dealer I ordered from only got 4 cars month, so 48 cars in line is a years...
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    Telluride on order, seems so long

    I ordered Aug 15 2021———now past July 9. 2022, and still no word on my order. Reno sucks!