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    2022 Screen shutoff

    This has happened a handful of times to us, including yesterday. The infoscreen just completely shuts off. Goes black. Still played music thru Carplay but nothing on the screen. No consistency to when it happens. Anyone else have this happen to them?
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    For Sale For Sale 2022 Telluride black floor mats (Seattle)

    $125 for almost brand new mats. Used for 1000 miles then replaced with a different set. Second row captains chairs.
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    Does the Telluride require engine break-in?

    Taking delivery on Thursday in Denver. Beginning a drive to Seattle on Friday. What should I do or not do for the engine break in? Not use cruise control? Alternate speeds every x minutes? Dealer is saying no break in is needed but for $50k, I don't want to risk an issue down the line.
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    Just Ordered...Now We Wait

    Actually got an email from the dealer that our car is set to be delivered on April 16 to Arapahoe Kia. I have the window sticker and VIN so I am hopeful that the timeline is true.
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    Ordered 22 Telluride SX + prestige + nightfall - told 6-8 months out

    I got the following bounceback on my email that the address. Thank you for contacting Kia Motors America. Your e-mail subject does not contain an existing case number and the proper representative could not be found. Please refer to the REPLY INSTRUCTIONS from our representative’s original...
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    Kia Telluride - Seattle dealers feedback

    We ordered a 22 SX Prestige AWD (not nightfall). Ordered late Dec. Order picked up by factory 2/24/22 with estimated delivery of May 3.
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    Ordered 22 Telluride SX + prestige + nightfall - told 6-8 months out

    Where did you get this form you reference?
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    I got a quote from someone online of about $1200-1500.
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    Kia Telluride - Seattle dealers feedback

    I don't think so beyond the additional cost to ship it or fly there to drive it home.
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    Kia Telluride - Seattle dealers feedback

    I am in Seattle and can agree with those numbers. We ordered one from Arapahoe in Colorado for MSRP. Once it arrives we will decide if we ship it here or fly out to pick it up.
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    Just Ordered...Now We Wait

    I just heard from the dealer we ordered from on Dec 9 (Arapahoe, CO) that our order was picked up by the factory with an estimated delivery date of May 3. Hope we get close to that date.
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    Kia Telluride ADM Dealers a.k.a "Bad Kia Dealers List"

    A salesperson from that dealer just posted about selling cars at MSRP on this very forum. According to him you can order with no money down and delivery will be 3-4 months.
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    2022/2023 Telluride order tracking?

    I think you can find VINs details on https://failcat.com/
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    Just ordered 2022 blk/copper

    We ordered ours via the phone on 12/9. Haven't heard yet about where we are in the allocation. We were told Kia Corporate allocates cars to dealers 2X a month. I haven't heard an update since the last allocation which was early Jan. We were quoted 3-4 months when we ordered.