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    For Sale: 2022 ‘S’ machined 20” rims - $650

    First $500 CASH gets them price will go no lower pick up only thanks [emoji4]
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    2022 Telluride with Reoccurring Coolant Leak

    this is on a 2022 S AWD currently 6400 miles Dealer is aware of the issue but have been unable to reproduce. Granted, mostly they pressure test the system but that is with engine off. They have done several test drives as well but cannot get it to leak. (typical customer luck) This...
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    this should be in the CARS FOR SALE section [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    this should be in the CARS FOR SALE section Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    2022 Telluride Oveheated!

    I have a 2022 and I have had 2 coolant leaks… one that was dripping pretty good from lower hose (at about 1500 miles) the other was more of a spray under I guess high load and just a little residue at top hose going into thermostat housing (at about 3500 miles) they blamed both on bad hose...
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    For Sale Nightfall wheels and tires- Orange County, CA

    just a safety note… you will want to keep the lug nuts as you will need to have 5 to match the ‘seat’ in the spare wheel should you get a flat. (keep them in a bag in the back storage compartment) most all aftermarket wheels use a conical seat lug but stock wheels use ball seat. Sent from...
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    For Sale: 2022 ‘S’ machined 20” rims - $650

    NEW PICS and NEW PRICE i have a like new set of 20x7.5 Machined ‘S’ wheels available for sale! just about 1700 miles on them with little (barely visible if any) or NO marks. No curb rash and no peeling or damaged clear coat. all center caps included w/ latest logo the tpms valves are still...
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    Just Ordered...Now We Wait

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum as I just registered after FINALLY getting my Telluride on Friday, 4/15 I had ordered on 12/01/21 which means 4 1/2 months of waiting. I hear the waiting times are starting to go longer; I was originally told 3-4 months and had hoped closer to 3 as I am an...