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    Factory stopped!

    wdery, how do you know those are not options? Thank you.
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    Factory stopped!

    my salesman told me no re-ordering? you just upgrade to a 2023. hope he know what he is talking about!! frustrating!
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    Factory stopped!

    28th on the dealers list or distribution? My dealer is playing dumb, like he can't get info. I have been in touch with KIA Corp, they asked if my sales person had contacted me. NO he has not, I gave them the dealership name and my salespersons Ph#. They said they would make contact and see what...
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    Factory stopped!

    It is becoming very upsetting! Dealers do not communicate, no information at all! getting OLD!
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    Performance Telluride

    I have to limit forums.. kinda like the "what's the best oil" questions.... i thought that was the intent.... Azle64
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    Has any one put bigger tires on the Telluride?

    speedo calibration required?
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    Performance Telluride

    I answered a question, not asked? I do have an account, read much:)
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    Brilliant, thank you!
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    Kia Telluride Non-ADM Dealers a.k.a "Nice Kia Dealers List"

    Moritz KIA fort worth Tx, Pierre really was up front about the wait. completely happy! tell him Bary sent you.... Azle64
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    Performance Telluride

    Exhaust, cold air intakes, Pedal commander there is more! Just search web for KIA performance modifications, also Youtube. Azle64
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    Orlando, FL Telluride Markups on 2022

    Your Advocate Alliance (YAA) over on Youtube, everyone should go over ther and look at their most recent video (car dealerships are crumbling). There is legistration going on about all these markup's "that don't add falue". There is also a link for public comment. As a group it woud show support...