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  1. SX_Mary

    Kia Telluride ADM Dealers a.k.a "Bad Kia Dealers List"

    Thanks for sharing. Did they specify whats included in the paint protection?
  2. SX_Mary

    Kia Telluride is built like a tank

    Glad to hear.
  3. SX_Mary

    Kia Telluride is built like a tank

    Sorry it happened, hopefully she's ok.
  4. SX_Mary

    Alarm keeps going off

    Why are you having it towed?
  5. SX_Mary

    Kia Telluride ADM Dealers a.k.a "Bad Kia Dealers List"

    How in the world are dealers still charging over MSRP so close to the end of the year
  6. SX_Mary

    Where is the horn?

    Those photos are so sad to look at:cry:
  7. SX_Mary

    22’s Showed up today!

    I really like your wheel choice.
  8. SX_Mary

    Telluride Navi problems

    Thanks for the tip
  9. SX_Mary

    Hello from Tennessee

    Took me awhile to figure out that button too. Oh and welcome to the forums
  10. SX_Mary

    2020 Kia Telluride has ‘a lot of high-strength steel

    Hopefully that results in a great crash test.
  11. SX_Mary

    Front parking sensor issue

    No worries, I wanted to know in case there was another button.;)
  12. SX_Mary

    Front parking sensor issue

    Was it the button by the camera button?
  13. SX_Mary

    Front parking sensor issue

    There might be I just don't know how to access it
  14. SX_Mary

    Front parking sensor issue

    There's a distance warning button above the camera button that turns the system on and off. Mine comes on by itself when I'm driving at really low speeds.
  15. SX_Mary


    I drive 65-70mph everyday and its really smooth at that speed. Please keep us posted on the issue.
  16. SX_Mary

    Tellurider in New Hampshire

    Congrats and welcome
  17. SX_Mary

    Liftgate Failure

    No problems here either and I too wasn't aware that you can use the key for the hatch.
  18. SX_Mary

    Sunshade Options for the Telluride?

    Appreciate the photos, this is perfect for me
  19. SX_Mary

    Can you get 1.9% at 60 months with the $1,500 KMF rebate and $1,000 conquest rebates?

    Hi Mytest4uis, Competitive Bonus gives you an extra cash bonus if you currently own a vehicle that is on the list below. All you have to do is provide a title or registration with the vehicle information to receive the bonus...
  20. SX_Mary

    Used 2020 Kia Telluride SX FWD lists for $62k on ebay

    MSRP seems like a bargain 😀