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  1. RHA

    Update Kia Telluride Infotainment System / Navigation System.

    Hello people - thought of sharing this so that some may find it useful:- (FYI - I have Kia telluride year 2020 model, top of the range, GCC Specs, bought in Dubai) In order to proceed with the update, you can follow the below mentioned steps:- 1) Visit the website of kia...
  2. RHA

    Video in motion?

    ______________________________________ Hey guys - i recently upgraded my car infotainment system via the kia website (https://update.kia.com/US/EN/navigationUpdate). Since i bought my vehicle from middle east, i chose applicable region which is provided on top of the website page. Was a simple...
  3. RHA

    Video in motion?

    I need to figure out how i can watch movies while driving. :unsure:
  4. RHA

    Video in motion?

    __________________ I think not having the USB Video App in the kia telluride is the problem. Because i have it, i think i am able to play the videos. Just FYI, i connected a 500 GB hard drive in the USB port, which has several HD movies. Worked just fine. It can be possible that the USB Video...
  5. RHA

    Video in motion?

    I connected my hard drive on the USB Port and was able to watch HD movies on the telluride screen. Worked just fine when the car is parked - "P-mode". But cannot watch the same when the car is in motion "D-mode"