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    Korean carmakers Genesis, Kia, Hyundai take top marks in JD Power’s annual quality survey

    Anyone shocked that Mitsubishi beat both Jaguar and Land Rover?
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    Do you prefer the third row up or down?

    Anyone else not using the third row as much? Do you prefer the third row up or down?
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    Kia Telluride already listed on Copart.com for Parts :(

    I'm surprised it sold so quickly.
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    Kia Telluride already listed on Copart.com for Parts :(

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    Sunshade Options for the Telluride?

    Just an FYI, the dealer will replace the dash if there's a bubbling problem and not repair it.
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    Hackers can steal cars now with ease

    Really scary how there are so many ways to hack a car.
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    No Rear AC

    Have you checked the fuse? Look at the bottom row.
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    Door Striker Covers

    Put me down for Black
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    Hello From Denver NC

    Welcome and congrats from the other city of Denver(y)
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    A new KIA logo?

    Hey sorry man if you think I was being argumentative, I was really wondering why they would enforce one logo design and not the other. Anycase, sorry if I offended and good night to you too.
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    A new KIA logo?

    And you're sure they've secured the mark for this new design? I know Kia has deep pockets and can sue anybody, but there are tons of people selling knockoff Kia merchandise on ebay. I doubt any of these companies will invest too much money considering how cheap they are produced overseas.
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    A new KIA logo?

    I don't see how it's any different from all the Kia K badges on ebay. I doubt they got permission to sell those.
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    Ouch! I wonder if it the windshields would cost more of SX owners because they're polarized.
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    Who has a spouse that's a backseat driver?

    Oh god don't get me started on my wife, she'll start critiquing before we leave the driveway.
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    9005 LED Night Shots of Zdatt/Sealight/TIANFUYAO

    Anyone swap out the reverse lights for LED yet?
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    A new KIA logo?

    Someone would make a huge killing if they made that logo now for us to swap.
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    Which one do I choose? [Telluride vs. SantaFe vs. 4Runner]

    That's rock crawling which is extreme off roading with heavily modified 4wd vehicles.
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    Door Striker Covers

    I bet there's a good markup on those