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    Towing package with hitch

    This is crazy that it’s March and still no tow packages available from Kia!
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    No Tow - really Kia?

    I also bought a 23 X-Line, and made sure that on the invoice when I ordered it....there it was...the new tow mode. But little did I know that tow mode does not mean you have an actual tow package. I guess bad on me for not researching more closely, but to find out I can't even order one...
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    Just Ordered...Now We Wait

    I have not seen any 2023's shipped yet....that is actually what I'm waiting for.
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    New Member from Columbus Ohio - When are 2023 models to start shipping

    I've contacted several Kia dealers within about a 50 mile radius and have been told very different answers when I asked about when the 2023 Tellurides should start arriving to dealers - was told anywhere from mid-Sep to early-Feb 2023. It seems like this shouldn't be some closely guarded...
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    I am interested as well, I called three local dealers and they all told me something different - from end of Sep to some saying not until Jan 23.