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  1. Garry


    I installed an Etrailer hitch #e45zr....on a 23 S model and fit was perfect....They now have a splice in harness for said model #119190 with install video....
  2. Garry

    2023 Towing update

    Etrailer.com has the hitch to fit 2023 Telly....They have a splice in wire harness now (see video on web site)its pretty involved but doable ....
  3. Garry

    Florida Telluride owners

    Lake Placid ...Loving our 23 Telly S..Pearl Wht....
  4. Garry

    No Tow - really Kia?

    I'm going the same route....After market E-trailer hitch and there wiring kit.....Add my name to any class action tooo!!!!!!
  5. Garry


    note on the add says NOT CONFIRMED for 2023 !!!!
  6. Garry


    Has anyone mounted their own hitch and then used the aftermarket harness that must be spliced in from etrailer????I'm getting ready to do just that very soon....Too wait for this from this company is absurd!!!!!
  7. Garry

    Kia Telluride Owner Quality & Ownership Survey

    We are now going into May 2023 and they are no closer to a tow hitch wire harness for the tow Pkg and or for an after market install....This is redicuclous from a company the size of this one!!!! If this is how they approach problems then this may well be my last KIA!!!!
  8. Garry

    Towing package with hitch

    I sent a letter to KIa asking why they have not fixed this issue / why has it taken this long to do an hours worth of work to build a plug an play harness for the Telluride tow pkg and also for the Telluride with out tow pkg.....?