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    Pulling small trailer

    Anyone tried pulling trailer with their telluride?
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    Side view mirrors?

    Thanks for your reply. I will turn off my auto fold as well.
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    Does kia Canada cover windshield replacement for chips and crack? For 2020 telluride?
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    Side view mirrors?

    Just wondering if anyone having issues with their side mirrors during this freezing whether? My driver side doesn't fold when lock. Thanks
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    Got my kia telluride sx last December 2019 brand new. So far @ 28,000 kms the only issue we had was @ 16,000 kms .the speedometer suddenly stop while driving in Victoria Island. All we did was stop the engine and rest it for a bit and it was fine since then. 2 weeks ago when the weather was...
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    First oil change?

    Not sure if someone asks this question already or in the manual. How many kms needed for the first oil change on Telluride ?
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    How many first time Kia owners onboard?

    It's our 1st kia too. Proud we got the Telluride and we're loving it!
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    New member

    We have our t ride for a month now. About 3500kms run, So far we haven't had any issues with it.