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  1. Everlasting

    Overhead console wiring pinout (Dashcam install)

    Hello all! I have a 21 Telluride that's a lease vehicle. Like most of you, I absolutely hate dangling wires and permanently occupied 12v cigarette lighter ports. However, because it's a lease, I am trying to minimize the modifications. In fact, I'm even using quick connectors that unplug, so...
  2. Everlasting

    Vent Visor/Vent Shade? (you know, the thing where you can crack the window in the rain!)

    Hello, everyone... New '21 Telluride EX owner here, in everlasting silver. Just came out of a '17 Sorento, took delivery of the Telluride 2 days ago. The only vent shades I can find are Kia brand, and they're like $200 when everything is said and done (not a bloody chance in hell). Just...