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    Hello from Gainesville, FL!

    Welcome from Jacksonville, FL
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    Cargo Cover - Orange Park, Fl

    Still available about $45 to NY. It costs so much to ship because it is considered a large odd shaped package
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    Headlight LED Upgrade

    Now compare beam pattern to stock like I did. You see that large dark spot on the bottom of the beam? Do you have some night shots of the new build you tried. When I had my last set I had a beam pattern just like yours and had some dark spots in front of my car.
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    Door Locks

    I'm not sure if I have missed something but does the Telluride have proximity door locks that locks the vehicle when you walk away. I mean my EX trunk will open when I stand behind it, so obviously the car knows when the key is near.
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    Headlight LED Upgrade

    That is going to be the only way to find the best bulb for our cars unfortunately.
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    Headlight LED Upgrade

    Light output was good, distance wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. According to my LED guy it appears as if our model of vehicle is touchy with led bulbs. My telluride is the very first one he has tried retrofitting, so it is a little trial and error.
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    Headlight LED Upgrade

    Well that is unfortunate. I have tried to sets with them so far and none have been up to my standard. They are getting a completely new to of bulb in about two weeks that is fully adjustable for beam pattern. I'm going to give those a shot when they come in.
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    First Telluride to be totaled?

    I'm impressed. That one took a pretty good lick and the back glass is still intact.
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    Anyone else received a call from Kia requesting to bring the car in?

    Yes, I got the call yesterday afternoon. Took to the dealership today to perform SA 383. They needed to check the torque on the steering universal joint. I drove my car in. Too much of a hassle to have it towed. I have places to be!
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    Couple of new Telluride Service Bulletins coming

    Had my car in for SA 383 for steering universal joint torque check. Everything was fine for me.
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    Headlight LED Upgrade

    No modifications to the bulb or housing
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    Headlight LED Upgrade

    I was able to install the dust cover without the retainer clips. No heat issues here now that the retainers have been removed.
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    Greetings From North Florida

    I figured as much. 06-current here
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    Greetings From North Florida

    One of my favorite colors that they have available
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    Greetings From North Florida

    Thank you!
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    Greetings From North Florida

    Aboard? Navy by chance?
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    Greetings From North Florida

    Thank you!