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  1. Pop

    Hello from Jersey

    Congrats and welcome from Toms River.
  2. Pop

    Upstate New York

    Welcome from NJ
  3. Pop

    Rattle from captains chairs - fixed!

    Any progress on this? Thanks to your post I found that one of my covers had fallen off.
  4. Pop

    New Owner

    Welcome and congrats
  5. Pop

    Has anyone tried installing clear bra themselves?

    I saw there is a kit on ebay for $250.
  6. Pop


    Did they provide any details on what they suspect is the issue?
  7. Pop

    Telluride Recall & Tech Pit Stop Campaigns Thread

    I use this site https://www.tsbsearch.com/Kia
  8. 10000000_2376896532530508_3437956279508720963_n.mp4


  9. Pop

    Kia Motors union calls for halt to Telluride SUV production in U.S.

    Kia Motors Corp.'s union has called for the halt to U.S. production of the automaker's brand new Telluride three-row SUV as weak vehicle sales can jeopardize jobs in South Korea, industry sources said Wednesday. The issue is expected to take on prominence at this year's collective bargaining...
  10. Pop

    Demand for All-New Telluride Boosts Kia March Sales - 5,080 Tellurides sold in March

    Sales were up by 10.2 percent for Kia in March, with 55,814 units sold across the U.S. This marks the best first quarter performance for the Korean automaker since 2016. The increase was no doubt assisted by the all-new Telluride SUV, which, in its first full month of being available at...
  11. Pop

    Is Kia going to export the Telluride to Europe or Asia?

    Since they are made here in the states. Are they going to export the Telluride to Europe or Asia?
  12. Pop

    Which Size to upgrade to

    Can we even fit 20x10 all around consider stock width is only 7.5?
  13. Pop

    Greetings from New Jersey

    We did a lease deal on an EX for $499.95/month after incentives from Allentown Kia
  14. Pop

    Insurance Questions

    We're paying $580 / 6 months through Farmers with a $500 deductible, also clean driving record.
  15. Pop

    Greetings from New Jersey

    I'm a new owner, first time Kia owner and it looks like I'm hooked. Probably one of the best vehicles I've had in a long long time.