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    Florida Telluride owners

    Tampa / Riverview area presente!
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    Florida Telluride owners

    Kia Crossbars, I think they look good. I was lucky to find them brand new and cheap on OfferUp. I'm yet to use them but will provide feedback when I do.
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    Florida Telluride owners

    Hillsborough County present. Lucky owner of this SX/Dark Moss/Night Fall
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    Paint protection film (PPF) Recommendations in Tampa area

    Looking to do paint protection film (PPF) on the new Telly. Any recommendations on places, type and coverage? Places near Tampa are welcome as well. Thanks!
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    How long did you wait for your Telluride order?

    Ordered: Oct 29, 2020 Arrived: Dec 28, 2020 SX/Prestige/Nightfall
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    Kia Telluride ADM Dealers a.k.a "Bad Kia Dealers List"

    They are still marking up the Tellurides at this location. I was there a few days cause I saw on their website a Dark Moss SX, Prestige, Night fall for 50k. Just to find out later when I arrived that it had a "market adjustment" of 5k totaling 55k. I was so mad...Last weekend I placed an order...