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    Any company developing intakes for the Telluride?

    For the uninitiated, what can an K&N filter do for you? Better mpg? power? sounds fun? And not to sound antagonistic (I'm genuinely curious) @Sleao , how can aftermarket folks develop better intake (and/or other parts) in only a matter of days over OEM?
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    Washington State

    This is the warranty I want. Lee Johnson in Kirkland offering unlimited years/miles on the powertrain free car washes for a year. I asked them if they could match Puyallup's offer. Said no.
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    Washington State

    Ordered a SXP in Kirkland on 9/7. Was told about a 12-16 week wait. Will pay MSRP. Performance Kia in Everett has insane markups. I've 3-5k on S trims. 5-10k on SXP trims. Recently saw one with a 60k sticker price.