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  1. jinda

    How does the Telluride estimate the miles you'll get in a tank of gas?

    Pretty sure it's not related to volume expansion. It's probably more on what is your most recent average MPG. The system uses that MPG to compute the estimated miles depending on how much gas left you have in the tank. Ex. If you have 18 gallons in the tank and your latest average MPG was 18...
  2. jinda

    Texas Telluride Owners

    Hello from Forney, just east of DFW metro.
  3. jinda

    New Owner from DFW

    Traded my 2021 Silverado for a 2024 SX X-Pro. Missing my truck but this Telly is so far amazing. I can't believe how much technology I am missing from my truck. I got the Wolf Grey with black interior.