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  1. Tellmeyourride

    Who disables Auto Start-Stop when they drive?

    Now why would they do that when their whole purpose is to be in compliance with the federal mandate?
  2. Tellmeyourride


    Well there you go ..........
  3. Tellmeyourride

    Auto Stop (ISG) Warning

    Auto-stop Eliminator Autostop Eliminator for 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 Kia Telluride
  4. Tellmeyourride

    Display color

    Not going to happen, so accept it
  5. Tellmeyourride

    Towing package with hitch

    Finally! August 31, 2023 To: All Kia Dealers Re: 2023-2024MY Telluride Tow Hitch Kit Availability As you are aware, Kia America, Inc. (KUS) has been unable to offer a tow hitch & harness for the 2023 Model Year (MY) Telluride due to complications impacting rear hatch functionality. This...
  6. Tellmeyourride


    This is part of owning a modern vehicle. They have many many exterior cameras and sensors, all of which are susceptible to getting damaged. I doubt if any dealer of any kind of car would agree to pay to replace when the damage is not their fault. And these things, as you noted, are not...
  7. Tellmeyourride

    Side window exploded spontaneously

    I think they are trying to outlast you. If it were me, I think I would fight this - with a lawyer - even though it would cost me some bucks. But I would enjoy having them capitulate in the end.
  8. Tellmeyourride

    Nav error during update

    Contact KIA Connect and tell them the problem. Also, there is one other thing - some people are receiving in the mail the sw update already loaded on a jump drive. I have no idea what the criteria is for who receives these updates in the mail - that is another thing you can ask KIA Connect.
  9. Tellmeyourride

    Forward Collision Avoidance Assist - System disabled - Radar Blocked

    Sounds like your radar plate in front grill is dirty.
  10. Tellmeyourride

    VA Telluride Owners

    '24 - Wolf Gray SX-P, X-Line
  11. Tellmeyourride

    Key fob remote start

    Nope - it is just KIA engineers developing sw to try to handle every known situation to man.
  12. Tellmeyourride

    VA Telluride Owners

    Aylett, VA (northeast of Richmond)
  13. Tellmeyourride

    2023 EX Climate Control Issue

    Believe it or not, even though the mechanics are KIA trained, I think we have reached the point where the technology has gotten TOO complicated even for them. If you follow the Telluride forums, you'll notice time and time again, someone is posting about how dealer mechanics cannot figure out...
  14. Tellmeyourride

    2023 EX Climate Control Issue

    I suspect this is going to be one of those problems totally unique to your car. Sure, others have had climate control issues and some may even respond here - but I doubt if any have the exact same issue. You probably are still covered by your bumper-to-bumper warranty, so stay with it, dig...
  15. Tellmeyourride

    How does the Telluride estimate the miles you'll get in a tank of gas?

    You may be "topping off" differently each time. I suspect this is the biggest factor you are seeing. The filler pipe holds a lot of gas. The following is from research. True, gasoline does expand and contract a little depending on its temperature. But filling stations store their gasoline...
  16. Tellmeyourride

    2022 Cracked Windshield

    I think so - this forum is DEAD
  17. Tellmeyourride

    2022 Cracked Windshield

    Good luck with another brand. Highway rocks are not selective.
  18. Tellmeyourride

    Air filter discussion

    Because that is where they make their real money ......
  19. Tellmeyourride

    MSRP w/o add-ons

    I've wondered about that Documentation Fee - a bs charge.
  20. Tellmeyourride

    MSRP w/o add-ons

    Sounds like you're the place to buy!