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  1. D&KArOrAk


    I have a 24 sxp xpro and it isn't equipped with wifi
  2. D&KArOrAk

    VA Telluride Owners

    Mine in a 24 SX-P X-Pro, Wolf Gray w Black interior
  3. D&KArOrAk

    VA Telluride Owners

    Cool! What year and model?
  4. D&KArOrAk

    VA Telluride Owners

    Since I didn't see one, I figured I'd start it! Brunswick Co. VA here. Anyone else from VA?
  5. D&KArOrAk

    Hello from Raleigh, NC

    Welcome! I'm in southern VA
  6. D&KArOrAk

    Virginia here

    Thanks for the add! Located in southern VA. Picked up a SX P X-Pro yesterday. Loving it so far!