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  1. Semator20

    Fuel additive

    Hotshot Secret Gasoline Extreme BG44k
  2. Semator20

    Pushing the envelope for tallest possible REAR tires

    Since you’re in CA I am assuming your Telluride is FWD? Another question is why?
  3. Semator20

    RESOLVED: Unusual Electrical Behavior in '22 Telluride EX (Warning Lights, Won't Shift, Won't Start)

    That’s good to hear. Glad the dealership and Kia were able to get this resolved. I know it sucks to have problems with a new vehicle but stuff happens in mass production. I had a rear back up camera issue that took some time to fix. Having a hood dealership is a big plus.
  4. Semator20

    Water spots on inside door panel

    Pictures would be helpful.
  5. Semator20

    Brands of engine air filters compatible with 2023 Telluride

    Yes, there is about 7. I am going to stick with the OE filters, they are not much more than the aftermarket.
  6. Semator20

    Will 2018 Sorento wheels work on 2024 Teluride

    Since you have the wheels and tires already just try it. Take the wheel off and put the other one on.
  7. Semator20

    Splash Guards

    I disagree if you do a lot of off-roading I would stay away from mud flaps. I hear to many stories of pick up trucks tearing there mud flaps off while off road.
  8. Semator20


    Thank you for calling me smart. I would look at local junk yards first.
  9. Semator20


    Yeah replace the sensor.
  10. Semator20

    Blind spot camera flickering, not turning on

    Try another dealership. Mine have sent my videos I have taken to Kia Tech line.
  11. Semator20

    Forward Collision Avoidance Assist - System disabled - Radar Blocked

    Take a picture of the front of your Telluride.
  12. Semator20

    How does the Telluride estimate the miles you'll get in a tank of gas?

    Once the gas nozzle clicks off, I stop.
  13. Semator20

    Air filter discussion

    Easy fast money. In any business they are there to make money. Just make sure it is not your money.
  14. Semator20

    Windshield cost.

    Quarter or smaller you’re good. If they are able to fix it you still will be able to see it. I had one fixed on mine and it is still visible, but it is not in my line of sight.
  15. Semator20

    Rearview Camera not working

    I been having the same problem and after multiple attempts. Kia wants to replace the camera once again . Bring it to the dealership while it is under warranty. This way Kia has a record of it and hopefully find a permanent fix.
  16. Semator20

    First Oil Change

    I change mine every 5k. 7.5 is under the normal driving condition. Under severe driving conditions the oil change interval is around 3750k.
  17. Semator20

    Check Tire Pressure Monitoring System on dash cluster

    I would go to a local tire shop. They do this stuff everyday. Quick question you don’t have a full size spare with a sensor installed?