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  1. ucinn

    Block heater location

    never seen one, but usually the have it coming out of the front somewhere
  2. ucinn

    Brand new member with a lighting question

    I have heard this also, so I would assume you would need to find a controller somewhere and tap in to the wiring wherever it may be.
  3. ucinn

    Brand new member with a lighting question

    yes, that yes, this is normal.
  4. ucinn

    Alarm keeps going off

    No, but did have the tailgate open once when my key was in my pocket and my fat rolls were pressing the button and opened it :)
  5. ucinn

    2020 KIA Telluride Remote Start Kit

    https://accessorides.com/collections/kia-remote-start-kits/products/2020-kia-telluride-remote-start-kit-push-start-only?variant=31850130505774 Link for everybody.. these will be in high demand I'm thinking.
  6. ucinn

    Engine Overheated - anyone else experience this warning message?

    I (back in 2002) had bought a new Ford Focus and it kept showing an overheat problem that they couldn't figure out. Was the same thing, no damage or fluid loss.. They ended up buying it back and gave me an higher end model for the same price for my troubles. After a couple months I was back to...
  7. ucinn

    Android Auto Update

    The stinger ones that have been able to download are Canadians, the US stinger one is still not available yet either.
  8. ucinn

    Safety Electrical Issues with Kia Telluride

    I would contact corporate and if they don't do anything, then it's a lawyer and get it taken back with the lemon law
  9. ucinn

    Foward Crash Notification Malfunction

    only time I had that was when snow built up on the radar plate.. too many bugs on it can do that too.
  10. ucinn

    Can’t decide

    Take a look here, a lot of similar if not more problems. You are only going to hear about problems from most people. There are a lot more people that have no problems than do. Every manufacturer has some cars with problems, it's unavoidable...
  11. ucinn

    18" vs 20" wheels

    I'm one of the moderators here.. which means I have infinite wisdom.. LOL.. J/K
  12. ucinn

    18" vs 20" wheels

    20s you will get a slightly harsher ride with slightly better handling. We test drove both also and didn't notice a lot of difference in them to be honest.
  13. ucinn

    Delays at Kia yet again

    yea, dealers were saying 6 to 8 months and the dealer I ordered through stopped taking orders because they were way too deep in them.
  14. ucinn

    Delays at Kia yet again

    If you haven't noticed lately, we are in a pandemic, it is delaying products all over the nation. Kia is not exempt from this.
  15. ucinn

    Question for you guys!

    Staying in Florida, there's really no reason to get AWD unless you want the prestige package on the SX.
  16. ucinn

    Door Striker Covers

    I found these online in case these are no longer available. https://tellurideforum.org/kia-telluride-store/product/stainless-steel-door-striker-cover-set-for-the-kia-telluride/
  17. ucinn

    Any way to completely disable ISG?

    That is the only way right now. It was that way for the Stinge also, but sharkracing has come up with a memory module for it to retain the last setting for ISG and auto hold. I would imagine in time, they will make one for the Telluride.
  18. ucinn


    yes, 13.5 seems to be the latest. I updated my Stinger when 12.5 came out (SD Card) because it allowed text over bluetooth. I haven't purchased any updates since then since they don't seem to be much of an improvement over 12.5. When a new version does come out, they have a PDF you can view that...
  19. ucinn


    I believe it's through the USB, I think you can do it yourself or through dealer. It's not free though.
  20. ucinn

    Did you buy the extended warranty?

    Good to hear, they were making a killing off that one. If you are still interested in the other one, either call Jason at Kia of Muncie or you can email him at jfox@kiaofmuncie.com