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  1. Retroguy

    Just got my Telluride!!! Clean!!

    Congrats ! Nothing beats that new Telly smell. Enjoy !
  2. Retroguy

    Tuxmats are coming!

    The pictures make them look softer than they actually are. They look really good and feel good under foot. Super easy to keep clean. -R
  3. Retroguy

    Tuxmats are coming!

    The fit is perfect - they actually used my vehicle for the prototype. Laser measured for a precise fit. Seriously - buy with confidence. -R
  4. Retroguy

    New member

    Congrats and welcome! You're not going to regret it - I've had mine over a year and it still feels new to me whenever I get behind the wheel. Such a well designed vehicle. Enjoy !
  5. Retroguy

    Rust speckles all over the paint

    Geezus - I just learned a bunch of stuff on this thread. I had no idea this was a thing !
  6. Retroguy

    Center console organizer update

    Hi everyone - a few months back I posted a question about a center console organizer. I was looking for one and couldn't find any in the wild. Finally came across one on Amazon but it said it was unavailable. The seller never responded either. Anyone have any luck finding one? I attached a...
  7. Retroguy

    Door Striker Covers

    Sorry - been offline for a bit. I got another batch of covers in all colors with NO advertising or goofy writing. If anyone needs them, let me know !
  8. Retroguy

    Carbon Fiber cover for hideous hazard light button

    Hmmmm, interesting. I think I like it!
  9. Retroguy

    My telluride

    Looks pretty slick brother !
  10. Retroguy

    Extras that really are EXTRA!!!!

    I personally don't think Sirius is worth the money - at least it isn't in Canada. I'm perfectly happy with Amazon Music through Amazon Prime in the car. I subscribe to Prime anyway so it's a bonus. The UVO thing is cool but waaaaaay to slow to be worth paying for it in my opinion.
  11. Retroguy

    For Sale Telluride Logo Door Strike Covers in Different Colors - Woodbridge, Ont

    Hi there - I do have them in black. Also, I'm not in Woodbine, Ont. I'm in Woodbridge, Ontario. I don't offer pick up, sorry. Directions on how to pay are in the original post if your still interested. Thanks
  12. Retroguy

    Blacked out!!!

    Been toying with the idea of going burnt copper or something along those lines.
  13. Retroguy

    So glad I didn't get the Palisade, check out what their hitch looks like

    I believe the term is "yeeeesh". I think the T-Ride looks better from behind overall compared to the Pally.
  14. Retroguy

    Weathertech Cargo/Trunk Liner is now available

    Here's a pic - it's a bit dirty but you get the idea.
  15. Retroguy

    Had my Pearl White Wrapped 🐺

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuude ! Looks amazing. Nice job !
  16. Retroguy

    Plastic covers on the bottom ?

    I think that's the move - drop by a local dealer and get the service tech to take a quick peek underneath. They'll know right away if that is something that should have been removed pre-delivery.
  17. Retroguy

    Changes for 2021 models?

    I heard there was going to be a higher luxury trim but I wouldn't expect much change other than maybe powered third row seats and whatever other toys the Palisade has that didn't make it on the 2020 Telluride.
  18. Retroguy

    Telluride vs Palisade

    They are sure marketing the Palisade to be the more luxurious of the two but I think they failed there. It comes down to preference but I'm not a fan of the Palisade overall exterior look and the quilted seats seem gimicky. The dash also doens't seem as elegant as the T-Ride. I'm glad I went the...
  19. Retroguy

    Butterscotch pics

    Very nice indeed. I went with black, no regrets but that sure looks purdy!
  20. Retroguy

    Plastic covers on the bottom ?

    I'd ask the dealer but it seems to me anything under the vehicle that's meant to be there should be held with metal, not plastic. Let us know what they say!