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    Side window deflectors part number

    Yeah, I'm gonna wait for in-channel deflectors (front only) but it may be awhile yet. Seems like aftermarket parts are not coming quickly for this vehicle.
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    Hyper dipped wheels

    Looks Good! How many cans? and did you use glossifier at all?
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    What was your reaction the first time behind the wheel of a Telluride?

    First reaction: 'Visibility is really good.' The problem I had with the VW Atlas is that the front hood seemed very large and I felt like I couldn't see what was on the road closer to the vehicle. Same size Telluride didn't have that issue. A good start.
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    What features are missing on your Telluride that you wish Kia would add to future models?

    Remote On Fob! Memory for driver's seat adjustments.
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    Will A Full Size 20" Spare Tire Fit Under My Telluride SX

    That's good info to know. I was wondering the same thing myself and had a quick look the other day but thought it didn't look like there was enough room. Glad to hear that I was wrong.
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    Thinking about building one.

    It would cost a lot to build one yourself ;)
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    Hello and Happy New Year

    Hello! First time Kia owner. I just had my first maintenance visit this Dec. and all seems well except for a couple of nagging issues (like the 2nd row climate fan coming on at level 2 every time I re-start the car no matter how many times I shut it off). Mostly I'm enjoying it, quite a lot...