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utmeep's EX AWD project

General Information

Performance & Off-Road Modifications

  • Subdued US flag for +500 HP!

Interior Modifications

  • Black leather seat trim
  • Universal Goodyear all-weather floor mats
  • Goluk T1 front dash cam - Hardwired
  • Goluk T2 rear dash cam - Utilizes rear USB port
  • Replacement rear-view mirror with built in monitor

Exterior Modifications

  • Snow White Pearl
  • 20% Tint all around except for windshield and sunroof
  • Debadged all emblems except for the Kia emblems
  • Rebadged the Kia emblems with the K emblem overlays
  • Plasti-Dipped Trim
    • Window trim matte black
    • Lower door trim matte black
    • Rear lower bumper cover matte black
    • Front brake vents satin white
  • TIANFUYAO 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs
  • 3rd Brake light flash module
  • Front parking camera transmitting to the rear-view mirror monitor
  • Painted OEM EX 18" wheels gloss black
  • LUYED W16W LED Reverse light bulbs


Garage Information

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Snow White Pearl

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