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First Road Trip, got lots of comments and a couple of questions.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ
First let me start by saying when I test drove a few different trims of this car and realized all of the features in the SXPX Pro, I told people it was a Tesla you put gas in. I also have a M3LR for myself and the Telli is the family truckster. I say this bc I will be comparing it to the some of the same features as the M3.
The car is FANTASTIC! Is it perfect, no but what is? It did very well, and the ability to let the car drive it self along with smart cruise control made the 5 hour drive better, but what made it GREAT was the lumbar massaging that kicked in every 30 minutes. This is huge for me because as I have gotten older, my lower back has prevented me from longer road trips. It really helped out, and we did stop for dinner.
Wireless charging sucks bad, I had my phone down there on the first leg, I know it was charging bc it vibrated and charging level showed, but it actually went down as we drove. 35% to 15%. Not sure what happened there.
The lane assist and lane changing or ok, they are no where near as good and a Tesla auto pilot (essentially the same thing, however without an upgrade Tesla will not change lanes). The lane assist did not give me as much confidence as my other car. Going through left turning bends, it drifts to the right and vice versa. It went over the side lines where the rumble strip is a couple of times doing a lane change. If changing lanes, YOU MUST BE AWARE OF HOW THE CAR IS DRIVING. I know some people will say, "Well, no kidding that is obvious!" it is not on the same level of accuracy as a Tesla. All I can say about this since the only other car I have ever driven, with the exception of a Toyota Sienna rental, is my Tesla.
I used the car navigation for the first leg of the trip, and it worked very well, but at one point told us to go a different way than what Google maps was telling us. Took the Google route instead.
Used Android Auto on the second leg as I wanted to listen to some podcasts, the way AA and Kia work together is pretty cool since I still used the Kia navigation for the route.
The ride was great, and I bought cheaper cross bars from Amazon and was a bit concerned due to the way they mounted. Had the Mrs. drive the car around yesterday with an empty cargo box to test it out. Filled the entire thing with skis and luggage and they worked out great.
Having said all of this about the cargo box, the one major design flaw of the Telli is the inability to open just the glass on the gate. We came from a Honda Pilot and that was a great feature as it allowed you to really pack stuff in without worrying about it falling out while the third row was up. The cargo box, a Thule, would hang out too far on the Pilot and we weren't able to open the gate without it hitting the cargo box, preventing it from opening all of the way. This is not the case with the Telli and that is good since it has the auto gate.
The car is just chock full of features that work. We had usb issues when we first got it, and the seem to have gone away?
Can I have different favorites for a different profile on the radio. Only my wifes showed up, but I never created any to begin with
Can the massager stay on longer and at different intervals? Like every 30 minutes for 10 minutes.
Does the mirror settings autosave if you adjust them while driving? Tesla asks you if you want to do this, and Telli didn't
Got out of the car and the massage seat would not turn back on even though we were in the car for over an hour. Went to dinner and got back in the car and it kicked back on.
How to prevent car, from reading out the phone number like it's an actual number. This is the most annoying thing I have experienced and Android Auto is way better at it. I have also noticed that if I don't start a text convo in the car, it will read an incoming text number like "Text from 2 billion one hundred thirty two million four hundred and sixty five thousand nine hundred eight seven" when the number is 213,246,5987. However, if I do start a text thread with someone and they reply, the car just says their name.
Is there a button on the wheel to press to have the car read out the incoming texts as opposed to pressing the "Read" button on the screen? It asks if I want privacy so i would think this is an option
This is the longest post I have ever done on social media, so it is safe to say the car has left an impression on me. Safe travels!