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In the looking process for an EX with the upgrades I want - need some help!


New Member
Fredericksburg, VA
Hello all! I am new to this group. I am in the market for a new EX and having a hard time finding a dealership that will give me any straight answers on options and upgrades for the version I want. I looked through the forums here and saw that some of the options I want may be possible as aftermarket purchases. But hopefully some of ya'll can confirm.

We want an EX with second row bench seat (it just works better for our dogs), LED headlights and fog lights and some nice black rims. I see from this group that swapping out the rims should be easy at a local tire shop. But for the LED headlights and fog lights, is it just swapping a bulb or do I need to get entire aftermarket products? What would be the best ones to buy if so, and do you all try to install yourself or take to Hyundai or other car dealership for install?

I've asked dealerships if getting these separately was easy (no answer). They all want to sell me the premium package (which won't work because they all come with Captain's Chairs - not bench in second row).