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New Member
Arlington, TX
In late November 2021, I contacted Kia USA about any discounts for a renewal to KIA CONNECT. I received an email from Kia saying, 'We are happy to apply a discount. Please visit this link and subscribe to the ultimate package. Once the subscription is finalized and your payment is processed please call us back so we can apply the discount. We can only apply the discount after the subscription is finalized.'
I followed the directions to the letter. I called Kia USA on Wed., 05JAN22 to follow up, per the email. The representative had no idea what discounts where available and contacted a supervisor. Two (2) days later the supervisor called me and said I was given wrong information about discounts and none where. What a rip off. I am going to cancel the Ultimate package and go to the Lite package.
My 2021 Telluride SX is AWESOME. I wish I could say the same for KIA CONNECT customer service--a COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT.