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Kia Telluride Feature Tips


New Member
Regarding the wiper service mode, you don't have to actually start the vehicle and shut it off, just push the start button twice without pressing on the brake and then one more time to turn it off. Then push the wiper switch "up" - you don't need to MIST. Same goes for getting them out of service mode, no need to start the vehicle, push start button twice, wiper switch up, start button to shut off.

And shame on me, but I only found out yesterday that our EX has a "hands free" Power Liftgate. I thought the SMART feature was that you could adjust the height. Our sales guy tried to get it to work when we picked it up and then he said he thought maybe it was only available on the SX.

I know this is mentioned above but I included the more detailed instructions for how it all works below. It is a feature that is NOT on by default in the user menu and there are a few conditions that must be met. This is for the US version just in case it is different for our Canadian friends. :)

1565808545837.png 1565808586542.png 1565808624737.png 1565808654425.png
Addresses pretty much every question that keeps coming up over and over again in the forums. I’m sure this was a direct result of Kia monitoring and seeing where more clarity was needed for particular features.
Nice bit of info! Was this something that came separate from the manual or was it a download form some site ?