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Telluride Ordered not the one being delivered after 12 month wait


New Member
salt lake city
Placed order for SX AWD Nightfall & Prestige with towing option on July 27 2021. Yesterday called dealer to ask for status as we had past the 12 month timeline and was told AUG 21 delivery but would not have towing or nightfall options, all other options are correct to what we ordered. Wife and i were very upset and are having a hard time to accept as Nightfall option was something we specifically wanted. Salesmen is telling me that its what they were allotted and that KIA does not have the parts(i find that hard to believe) anymore which looking at scheduled deliveries is not true as our options are very popular and being delivered daily. Just got of the phone with them asking for them to do something and was told that the dealer GM would call. Is there anything i can do??? Heartbreaking after a 12month wait.
Sounds more like your dealer screwed up.

I’d suggest talking to another dealer.
Mauldin, SC, USA
That sucks. You can try and find another like you want, but depending on what you are playing, may not be worth it. You can always see if they would take something off and then get the trim wrapped or do it yourself. The tow option is not one I wanted or have, but throughout the forums people seem to have found aftermarket options they still enjoy. You wont have the self leveling suspension. Unfortunately, they also know if you do not want it, they can mark it up and sell it that day. Its a tough call. If the towing isnt a make or break, i say buy it, get the nightfall look done aftermarket and you'll have almost all you want except for the nightfall rims.

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