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Updating Maps: Has Kia Even Seen a Computer?

Hartford, CT, USA
Updated the maps in my 22 Telluride yesterday. What a pain. To begin with, kia.com wouldn't accept my VIN. I checked it with my insurance card, with the car, everything. I was typing it right. Maybe the 0's were O's or vice-versa, so I tried all combinations. No love. Turns out ... get this ... I typed my VIN, it showed up all in uppercase and was rejected. But, as is my habit, I actually typed lowercase letters that were displayed as uppercase in the VIN entry field. Turns out, the problem was that I had to type the VIN using actual uppercase letters, you know, Shift or Caps Lock. What a usability nightmare.

Things remained technologically backward. Got the app, installed it, downloaded the files and it took forever, probably an hour. I have 400 MB internet speed and the Kia servers were just very slow. There's no need for that. Make the package a zip file and put it on Dropbox and I'll have it in a jiffy. Then, make the mistake of using the app to copy the downloaded map files to the USB on my computer ... again, what very long time. Painful. The slowness and pain of it all wasn't over, though. Plugged the USB into my Telluride to apply the new files and ... 35 minutes of slow file transfer and installation.

In 2022, computer communication shouldn't be hampered like that. I expected a better experience from Kia.