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Recent content by kelrog

  1. kelrog

    Any way to completely disable ISG?

    Try flipping the resistor around. There is a flow to them.
  2. kelrog

    Any way to completely disable ISG?

    black/green - ground - F51 Pin 24 orange/white - isg --- F51 pin 8
  3. kelrog

    Any way to completely disable ISG?

    Or pull up the cover and push a 1k resistor into the connector. And just pull it out when your done with it.
  4. kelrog

    How long did you wait for your Telluride order?

    We ordered ours on 02/03/2020. We ordered the SXP AWD Gravity Grey-Black interior. We were then told that we would be getting 2021 because of COVID. In the meantime, we requested to add the Nightfall edition to the car, since my wife loves all the blackout features. Was just told on Monday...