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2022 Telluride Won't Unlock


New Member
Las Vegas, NV, USA
I got out of my car and it started beeping as if I had left the FOB in the car. I tried to lock it and it wouldn't lock with the FOB, with the door handles, or with the app. I just left it unlock and went inside to my meeting. I then locked it from the app. When I got out, I couldn't unlock it with the FOB, I couldn't unlock it with the handles, and the app kept saying that my previous request was still being processed. I spent 10 minutes trying to lock/unlock the car and eventually I got the app to unlock the car. This has now happened three times where the car thinks the FOB is still inside and then f***s up trying to lock or unlock the vehicle. Each time it did it, I would restart the car and then turn it off to try to reset it to not thinking the key was still in the car, but nothing works. Anyone have any idea why this happens or how to fix it?