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Recent content by Anth75

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    Northshore, MA

    In the Boston area. Looked at that dealer. Charging up to 12K market adjustment! I wish we could eliminate these dealerships and buy direct from Kia
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    Losing Confidence in Dealers

    I'm seeing the same from the dealers i spoke to here in the Boston area. I can't see how this works in their favor long term. Greed! I want to pull the trigger on an SX but not paying 12K over MSRP. Going to take my business elsewhere if all the dealers I find are doing this. I'll pay MSRP and...
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    Looking to buy a Telluride in the Boston area

    Hello everyone. Looking to buy a Telluride but it seems like every dealer I call want a so called market adjustment well over MSRP. I'm not willing to pay more than MSRP. Anyone in the Boston area pay MSRP or below. I can get a VW Atlas at dealer cost -500 through my company discount but like...