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Recent content by Billalex70

  1. Billalex70

    Official Wolf Gray post?

    Am I missing an official WG posting somewhere? Would love to see one with Dune interior.
  2. Billalex70

    Factory Shutdown

    I read the same type article in Forbes. Automakers need to get with the times but, that can’t happen overnight.
  3. Billalex70

    Comment by 'Billalex70' in media 'DIY Blacked out Tips'

    How well is the paint holding up to the heat?
  4. Billalex70

    Official Gravity Grey Kia Telluride Pictures Thread

    I was just about to ask the same thing!
  5. Billalex70

    Got my new SX-P Nightfall :)

    Is that the dune interior?
  6. Billalex70

    Color Options

    What color interior do you have?
  7. Billalex70

    Still up in the air

    Love to see pictures!