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Recent content by C&cstelly

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    Audio question.

    Has anyone noticed that the bass falls off when you turn it up? I’ve been messing with the settings and trying to figure it out. The wife is annoyed, because she had 2 10s in her Forte before this is and really doesn’t like the bass response. We have the HK system. Tia
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    Best purchase ever

    Yessir it’s in Tx and thanks!
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    Best purchase ever

    Hey everyone the wife and I ordered our SX-P AWD Nightfall 4-20-21 And received it 7-6-21. It felt like a long wait, but definitely worth the wait. Ended up paying MSRP at the Huffines Kia in Mckinny down here in Tx. The process was smooth in and out in less than 2 hrs. If anyone is interested...