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Recent content by D_stupid_nice

  1. D_stupid_nice

    New member - but I’m losing faith :(

    Maaaan all these ppl waiting on a 2022 Telluride is bonkers!! I pulled up to get the Kia GT for wifey & dude told me my Telluride Black Copper had just arrived that morning…it would be sold by the weekend no doubt, so I just grabbed it real quick!! I don’t know if I would have waited for...
  2. D_stupid_nice

    ‘22 on 22s”

    Decided to try something new. It’s definitely NOT a Cayenne S or GS 350f driving experience by any means, but it’s super nice on the inside.. (Kia has actually made Lexus step up their game). I’m gonna have a Lil’ fun w/ it and see if my “KIA” leap was worth it…