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Recent content by Dave Fingers

  1. Dave Fingers

    Will 265/50/R20 fit on Telluride w/o a lift? No rub? (Nitto doesn't make factory size 245/50R20)

    I installed Nitto Grappler 265/50 20 on the 20” Nightfall rims and added the Truxx 2” lift along with a 1” spacer. Here are some pics so you can decide if you want to do it.
  2. Dave Fingers

    Anyone added spacers to the Telluride?

    I added a Truxx 2" lift kit along with 1" spacers and 265/50 20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers to the 20" Nightfall wheels, I'm happy with how they came out.
  3. GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpg


    2021 SX Prestige in black/black, Nightfall edition, tow, side steps, Interior illumination. I upgraded the tires with Nitto 265/50 20 on Nighfall 20" rims with 1" offset and Truxx 2" lift. Note: when turning the front tires rub slightly on the front mudguards that I added so I may remove them.
  4. Dave Fingers

    Hello from SE Florida and Blue Ridge Ga

    We live in Southeast Florida but taking her to our cabin in Morganton Ga this month. Will test out my new Nitto tires in the mountains! I can keep you posted if interested.
  5. Dave Fingers

    Thule Cross Bar Installed

    Thank you so much! 60” may be too much for what I’m looking for, thanks again
  6. Dave Fingers

    Thule Cross Bar Installed

    If it's offered, do you think a Thule bar slightly longer than 53" would work well judging from yours or would it stick out too far. I like the way yours looks but thinking 2 more inches may look nice on mine. I just upgraded tire size and added a lift and offset. Dave
  7. Dave Fingers

    Thule Cross Bar Installed

    Thank you it looks great!