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Recent content by DLBSF

  1. DLBSF

    What's the best way to clean and protect the perforated seats?

    I would like to be proactive and protect my light gray interior BEFORE it shows signs of dirt. Suggestions for a product to use on the brand new perforated seats?
  2. DLBSF

    Just driven my first 500 miles on the Kia Telluride

    Hi Mary, I too have a Honda Odyseey (2006) that I love with 177k miles. Are you happy with the cargo space in your new Tellurude?
  3. DLBSF


    Waiting on my SX Prestige Moss Green with gray interior to arrive! Chicago area.
  4. DLBSF

    Interior door panel and seat protection

    Anyone use a leather protection product on the Nappa leather gray seats and door panels? This color will show dirt easily and I want to use something to help protect the interior from dirt and stains.