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Recent content by GuNNyRaBBiT

  1. GuNNyRaBBiT

    Gravity Gray Nightfall SXP

    I have a few questions about the interior lighting.... The Blue lights down by the foot wells...are they factory or did you do a mod..if so Who, Where, and How...love the look. Second the Telluride lit door sills...done by KIA or are they the aftermarket one's I see at Amazon? All are VERY...
  2. GuNNyRaBBiT

    How long did you wait for your Telluride order?

    I bought mine right off the truck...Arrived Sunday...Drove it home Monday... By luck the person ahead of me had Horrible credit and couldn't afford the payments..His loss My gain.
  3. GuNNyRaBBiT

    Kia Telluride Age Demographics

    52 going on 18-24 . Still modding ALL my vehicles....can't wait to see what they bring to the table for the "Telly" 2000 Audi S4 modded 2003 Tundra Lifted... 2021 Telluride...Moss Green SX Prestige Dune int. STOCK.🤣🤣
  4. GuNNyRaBBiT

    SX Prestige with Chrome Wheels

    Not the rims in particular but a Black Chome...which looks more like a glossy Gun metal looks sweet...I have a set on my Nagaro Blue 200 Audi S4. Just an idea.
  5. GuNNyRaBBiT

    Heard back from Racechip regarding tuning

    the 3.8 has already been built up to 750HP for Pike's Peak racing. I'm sure that's Turbocharged...someone has dabbled with theses motors already... As the popularity grows on these Tellurides, I'm sure so will the Tuner market...Patience..
  6. GuNNyRaBBiT

    How much horsepower would make you happy?

    I polled 375Hp . But in all honesty 350 is more realistic...and reliable for daily duty.
  7. GuNNyRaBBiT

    Upstate New York

    Waiting on my 21 SX Prestige Blackout Moss Green with Dune Leather.... maybe tomorrow... I'll give you the news when it gets off the truck. In the Hudson Valley BTW..
  8. GuNNyRaBBiT

    How much more power can we extract out of the 3.8L?

    Hello ..Just bought a 2021 SX Telluride, And every auto I ever owned was moddified...So I can't wait for any news on this...a turbo kit or Supercharger is way up my alley...