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Recent content by hoppyjr

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    Window Tinter's please note. 2023 front windows glass will crack. "Do Not Tint "

    Sorry, but how does it prevent other drivers from seeing your signals?
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    Driving mode to use when towing with my 2020 Telluride

    I’ll bet the owners manual has the answer.
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    Not All Tellurides Have the Same Engine

    Very likely a different/redesign to the oil filter or oil pan. Either could explain the slight difference.
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    Kia Telluride Fog Lamp Kit

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    Who disables Auto Start-Stop when they drive?

    Auto stop start is not a government mandate, it’s a “feature” desired to save fuel. There are plug & play modules that will remember the last or desired setting. I used one to keep my auto stop on off all the time. It frightens me to think so many are ignorant/willing to accept ridiculous...
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    Reverse lights

    Read owners manual
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    Brakes Failing

    I wish you all the best of luck with this, and I’m glad I traded mine in for a Toyota last year. While the Telluride is a great looking vehicle, I’m not sure the durability will be sufficient.
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    Kia Telluride Fog Lamp Kit

    Still available
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    PNW - Telluride Fog Lamp Kit

    Still available. Shipping would likely not be cheap, as it’s two boxes (the lamp kit and the correct lower valance for fogs. PM me what you think is fair for the kit including shipping, will see if we can work something out.
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    Rear passenger window shattered spontaneously

    We wonder how Kia provides so much vehicle at the price point, but based on my inferior interior trim experiences and stories like the exploding windows, I suspect they use lesser grade materials to save weight & cost. I hope you all get reimbursed for your expenses.
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    Add fog lites aftermarket to 2022 Telluride S

    I guess nobody looks at the classified form. I purchased a factory, Kia fog, light kit, which includes wiring lights and a replacement for the lower valance that has the proper cutouts. Right after receiving it I got a great deal on a Toyota 4Runner and traded in my Telluride. I’m selling the...