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Recent content by Kevin78

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    Auto hold issue

    Good evening all. I have a 22 Telly S and the past few days I've noticed that my auto hold feature won't activate meaning no matter how many times I press the button, the white auto hold light doesn't illuminate on the dash. I've also noticed that the orange light on the auto start button...
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    Air filter discussion

    What is everyone's favorite engine air filter and cabin air filter brand? I was looking at getting the washable K&N engine air filter, just not sure if it's worth the extra money. Whats your opinions? Kevin
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    Anyone else bought an S trim and regret not getting the power liftgate?

    Just installed the autoease power liftgate and I'm thoroughly impressed. It was tedious to install but it works flawlessly. https://www.autoease.com/select-your-car/kia-telluride-2020/?product_view=list
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    Upgrading sound system

    Just a thought I had and was wondering if it's feasible. I have a 22 S model and was thinking about upgrading the speakers which is pretty straightforward. My question is would I be able to buy the oem subwoofer and hook it up to the existing oem amp? I know the interface on the factory display...
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    MP3 audio from flash drive

    Afternoon all!! I've just started converting my old music from cds to a thumb drive. These cds were burned when Napster and Limewire were all the rage. I've been using windows media player to rip all the songs onto my thumb drive as it seem pretty simple. Does anyone have any tips on how to...
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    Caliper cover decals

    Just received my Telluride decals for my caliper covers. I wasn't digging the engraving they offered on MGP's site so I did my own thing. Many thanks go out to Matt and Sam of https://juststikitdecals.com/ for helping me design these. The hand written note was a nice personal touch which you...
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    Next years model

    Then again, may not be many 2020s left when the 21s come out lol. I have noticed more dealers getting more in stock. One down by me had 8 as of last week and another has a black sx discounted down to 42k.
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    Next years model

    I know the Telluride just came out but I'm wondering when the next years model will arrive so hopefully people will be able to jump on discounts from the previous years model. Kevin
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    Who puts tire shine on their Telluride?

    Thicker the product the better. The last thing you want is tire sling onto some freshly waxed paint. Also, rub it in like your life depends on it.
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    Audi E-Tron

    Pretty sharp
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    Are pinstripes still in?

    I think it looks tasteful. Some vehicles don't have the body line to carry a pin stripe.
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    Where do you normally put the key when you drive the Telluride?

    I'm a risk taker so I like to hang it from the antenna...