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Recent content by Lu..

  1. Lu..

    2020 Genesis GV80 revealed

    Wow, I can just imagine how much they want for a fully loaded one....when is this coming out?
  2. Lu..

    SX Prestige with Chrome Wheels

    Sorry, but I’m old school I guess. This all black look is not me, so I want to swap out my black SX rims for chrome. I really dig the design of the stock 20” rims, but has anyone chromed them out, if so, can you provide info; link, how much, etc.. I know eventually somebody will come out with...
  3. Lu..

    1st time Kia owner in NJ

    After test driving the CRV, Tiguan, Atlas, GLC, MDX, Q5, Ascent, Highlander, and the Palisades for the last 2 months, I saved the best for last, test drove the Telluride and I knew immediately it was the one. Just put a deposit down on a Black/Dune Brown SX Prestige. Got to wait 6 weeks...