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Recent content by rcoplien

  1. rcoplien

    Side window exploded spontaneously

    If they specifically state that it was caused by a rock then your comprehensive insurance has to pay for it. Trying to fight with Kia to get money back for fixing your window is not going to work. Who do you have for your car insurance?
  2. rcoplien

    Side window exploded spontaneously

    Should be covered under comprehensive on your insurance
  3. rcoplien

    How does the Telluride estimate the miles you'll get in a tank of gas?

    I'm pretty sure it also take your average MPG that you had before fill up and takes that against the fill up.
  4. rcoplien

    Who disables Auto Start-Stop when they drive?

    I use the auto stop eliminator harness that is installed and it work great. Best money ever spent...
  5. rcoplien

    I need to replace tires at 24,000

    I just hit 24,000 miles on my 2022 and have Michellins from the factory on them. Get rotated every 7500 miles and still have 7/32 on them.
  6. rcoplien

    Interior colors

    I got the Dune Interior and love it but they don't make Dune anymore
  7. rcoplien

    New 2023 Kia Telluride X-Line Red Color with Terracotta Interior

    How did you get it so fast? I paid MSRP.
  8. rcoplien

    New 2023 Kia Telluride X-Line Red Color with Terracotta Interior

    Love the new Dawning red color. Wish they would have had that for the 2022 models. I ended up getting Everlasting Silver instead. How long did it take to get your Telly? Mine was 7 months.
  9. rcoplien

    2022 Telluride Side Steps

    Do you have pictures of them?
  10. rcoplien

    Soon to be owner

    Delivered today and will be picking up next Saturday. I have to wait until next Thursday for another dealership to buy my vehicle so I will have my down payment available.
  11. rcoplien

    Anyone aware of the price increase that went into effect May 1st?

    Looks like a $300 bump. If your VIN wasn't created before May 1st your price just went up again. Thought that was kind of odd being they just did a price increase at the beginning of the year.
  12. rcoplien


    I get mine in 3 weeks. Can't wait. Ordered last October.